Flexible, Mobile and Easy to use

Lightweight (130kg), flexible, watertight, airtight and UV-resistant. Easy to load, transport and off-load. Compatible with most bagging machines and out-loaders on the market. Gravity fed bagging machine and soft grain out-loader available.

Eliminate Post Harvest Losses and Risk

Controlled environment with automated fan systems, diesel and electric fans available. Ideal for wet and humid areas where crop wastage is high. Suitable for most grain harvest types including all types of grain, nuts, and oil seeds.


Cost Effective Grain Handling Solution

Eliminates the requirement for expensive permanent silo infrastructure. Harvest earlier and reduce the risk of exposure to severe weather or pests. Gain access to the land for new crops earlier which will increase land utilisation


Ideal for Grain Storage and Preservation

Store 200 tons of grain up to 18 months at a time. Easy to load, transport and off-load. Suitable for any environment and surface. No fermenting, mold or spoiling of grain guaranteed!

Complete Grain Drying System

Drylobag is a portable grain drying and storage system. It is an inflatable low-cost grain silo which enhances food security by preventing wastage of staple crops and can dry and store food wherever it is grown.

The complete grain harvest drying and preservation system. Make your harvest count!

Why Use Drylobag?

  • Store 200 tons of grain up to 18 months
  • Easy to load, transport and off-load
  • No fermenting, mould or spoiling of grain
  • Suitable for any environment and surface
  • System can be adopted immediately
  • Protect harvest, increase land utilisation
  • Return on investment has been proven

Drylobag Features

  • Automated fan system and de-humidifier
  • Compatible with most bagging machines
  • Compatible with most out-loaders
  • Gravity fed bagging machine available
  • Soft grain out-loader available
  • Lightweight, flexible, watertight, airtight
  • UV-resistant

Suitable Harvest Types

  • Corn and Maize
  • Wheat and Oats
  • Rice
  • Barley and Sorghum
  • Sunflower
  • Soybeans, Sugar beans and Broad beans
  • Peanuts
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