About The Company

Vision Statement

It is the vision of Drylobag to become the preferred choice in grain preservation and enhancement solutions in both the local and international agricultural market sector, to enable farmers to produce grain and other crops in regions where they could not do so previously and therefore eradicate hunger in areas which previously could not produce grain.

Mission Statement

  • To be leaders in shaping the future of agriculture and
  • To have the courage to adapt new ideas and innovation when required
  • To be accountable for all our actions
  • To be passionate and committed in our service and products
  • To deliver only high quality products to our customers
  • To work together with our customers to develop innovative customer focused solutions
  • To respect and value all individuals working at Drylobag

International strategy

Drylobag is focused on expanding its footprint internationally to all areas where agriculture is practiced.

The company will be opening manufacturing plants on all the major continents to be able to satisfy the demand in those areas. To enable this expansion process the company is focused on identifying suitable partners that will be able to assist in this rapid expansion program.

The system has been commercially tested for two years in SA and Australia on different grains. We expect to export to Australia this year. We have been approached by distributors from Zambia, DRC and Canada. The Indian Government has asked Drylobag through an appointed work group to demonstrate the system for preserving rice in India.

The Future

Drylobag has a clear business plan based on identified customer needs. Its two distinct markets are commercial agriculture and international agencies.

The business will succeed because the innovation enhances food security and addresses the single biggest challenge in agriculture. Drylobag provides farmers with the flexibility in planting and harvesting, increases crop yield and nutrition, prevents spoilage which has a financial impact and increases food security which is a social impact.

Drylobag is registered as a company in South Africa. It holds patents on five continents. The business will remain in South Africa, but with manufacturing and distribution in other markets.

Contact Details


+27 (0)82 886 7404